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Specially formulated white permanent ink for Neuland Cover markers. The 45 ml refill bottle comes with an integrated refill lid and includes mixing balls to ensure an even distribution of pigments for consistent results.

Introducing the all-new Neuland markers featuring the Cover Ink technology. This specially formulated ink allows for vibrant and opaque white strokes on even the darkest surfaces, making it a true game-changer and providing a new level of versatility.

With the innovative Neuland Cover Ink technology, the white pigments are evenly delivered to the nib, producing consistent results.

The 45 ml refill bottle of Cover ink, makes it easy to replenish your Cover markers through the convenient refill site located at the bottom of each marker. The mixing balls in the ink guarantee that the white ink pigments are evenly distributed. Simply shake the bottle until the sound of mixing balls can be heard. Then continue to shake for a little longer. This will assure that your ink has the perfect consistency for optimal performance.

For more detailed instructions on refilling your markers, please refer to our refill instructions.

Here is how often you can replenish your Cover marker using a 45 ml refill bottle:

  • Neuland BigOne®: up to 11x
  • Neuland No.One®: up to 22x
  • Neuland FineOne®: up to 45x

Technical Details:

Colour: 050 (white) Cover

1 bottle with refill injection unit and mixing balls

45 ml, opaque white water-based ink