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Refill your WhiteboardMarkers up to 22 times with just one bottle!

It only takes seconds to refill the unique whiteboard ink and it will save you money.

Each bottle will refill the No.One® WhiteboardMarker 22 times.

Pro Tip: The dry-erase ink is designed to erase when dry; wait for ink to fully dry before erasing to avoid ghosting, dying or streaking.

WHOA! This product is classified as "dangerous goods", so please handle with care!


  • Ink content: 45 ml each bottle
  • Ink: alcohol-based, dry-erasable
  • 80% VOC (flammable)

Note: as this refill ink cannot be shipped by air, we have decided to discontinue the WhiteboardMarker line. If they're not refillable in our location, then they're not really eco-friendly...