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After almost two years, bikablo® has recruited reinforcement!

Graphic Gear brings you bikablo® 2.0 Visual Dictionary.  

Now the bikablo 2.0 carries on to strengthen and refine the first edition with a wide range of new insider tips for professional visualization. It also features a new section entitled the Best Of Chapter highlighting the most popular figures, graphics and symbols, along with a brand new poster layouts for an endless array of training and presentation situations. 

Last but not least, the subjects and topics have been arranged into chapters; such as: Workshop/ Meeting/Seminar/Training and‚ Companies/Organization/Market. The bikablo® 2.0 is a must for everyone who is already hooked with the first version, and now you will be truly hard pushed to find a subject without a picture! 

What's inside this Book:

- New tips, tricks and tools for quick and easy visualization 
- The most popular and effective graphics, figures, and symbols 
- Templates for group work posters from A for ‘agenda’ to W for ‘who does what and when’ 
- Simple pictures for presentations on method explanation and procedures for meetings, training and learning 
- Helpful icons for everything to do with conference organization

Reading extract for bikablo® 2.0: Click here!

Edition: spiral-bound, 132 pages
Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 inches
Language: English (along with German).
ISBN: 978-3-940315052