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bikablo® 1

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Visualise and say it ‘with flowers’ – with a bulb, a storm cloud, or a signpost!

Graphic Gear is thrilled to bring you bikablo® 1 Visual Dictionary - a unique reference work of imagery with hundreds of successful icons in the easy to draw bikablo® technique.

The revolutionary bikablo® has been completely updated and improved by Martin Haussmann (illustrater and visual facilitator from the Kommunikationslotsen). The visual dictionary is a concise easy-to-use reference book that will guide you into the world of visual facilitation with hundreds of brilliant picture symbols.  

Work with the power of images in order to release tension, structure complex ideas, express difficult concepts, make abstract issues easier to understand and put the focus on decisive matters. Everyone enjoys pictures; they work on an emotional level and unite us while often communicating content better than words do.

The ‘original bikablo®’ (icon card block) is your entrance ticket to the world of visualisation: Martin Haussmann, illustrator, experienced visual facilitator and Managing Director of the bikablo® academy has collected hundreds of successful icons and thus created a unique reference work of imagery that has been especially adapted to the needs of trainers, facilitators and consultants.
Use the trainer dictionary of imagery to hit the nail on the head, even for complex issues. The drawings are kept so simple that you can easily trace or vary them and draw them on the flipchart even if you always thought you couldn’t draw.

The bikablo® 1 is also an essential addition to your facilitator toolbox!

To read an extract from bikablo® 1: Click here!

Edition: spiral-bound, 128 pages
Dimensions: 21 x 10,5 cm / 8 x 4 inches
Language: English (along with Spanish).
ISBN: 978-3-940315-24-3