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Sockets for replacement TwinOne® nibs

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These sockets allow you to create your personalised nib configuration on the Neuland TwinOne®

The TwinOne comes with a brush and a chisel nib. If you prefer to change this by replacing the brush nib with a round or flat chisel nib, you will need these sockets (and the respective replacement nibs!)

To make the TwinOne that works for you, simply insert the replacement nib into the socket and screw it on whichever side of the TwinOne you prefer.

Potential combinations: chisel/round nib, chisel/flat chisel nib, or flat chisel/round nib. And if you want the brush nib as part of your combination, scroll on by (you don't need these). Just use the socket that comes standard with the TwinOne!

Technical details: Socket made of PP/PE, black and transparent.

Set of 10.