No.One® Outliner (round nib)


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The No.One expert for strong outlines – with a round nib and deep black, water-based permanent ink

They are THE markers for strong, deep black outlines: Neuland Outliners are filled with odourless, waterbased permanent ink and are ideal for visualising and writing on paper. Thanks to Neuland's unique recipe your lines will be dry in seconds and you can go over them without having to worry about smearing or smudging – even when using light colours. And the ink won’t bleed through.

The Neuland No.One® Outliner with a round nib has the perfect size as you can work with it on both small and large formats. The round nib, in particular, makes it easy for you to start your journey in the world of visualisation. Make use of its steady line width to draw simple shapes and icons on your FlipChart or GraphicWall and your charts will immediately be more exciting and meaningful.

Just like all Neuland Markers this one can be easily refilled in no time. For Outliners use our RefillOne Outliner ink with the colour code 010.

With one 45 ml bottle you can refill your Neuland No.One® up to 22 times.

Important: Please make sure to thoroughly rinse the pipette with clear water after refilling your outliners. The needle and ball should then be free from ink.

Technical details:

Colour: 010 Outliner (black)

Housing and cap: PP/PE, orange

Odourless, water-based permanent ink, ecofriendly and easily refillable

Round nib, line width: 2 – 3 mm