Neuland FineOne® Outliner (brush nib)


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The gentleman among Outliners. Consistently sustainable – easily refillable.

The Neuland FineOne® Art Outliner (0.5 to 5mm brush nib) is the expert for fine and dynamic outlines.

Thanks to the special ink formula, outlines that are drawn with the Outliner don’t smudge when other colours go over it.

The design of the new Neuland FineOne® looks similar to the tools of former calligraphy masters and is therefore timeless. A true design classic.

Besides the ergonomic handling and the clear shape, the FineOne® focuses on sustainability. Thanks to Neuland's proven system, the marker can be refilled through a membrane at the non-writing end, and the nib can be replaced as well.

Technical details:

Colour: 010 Outliner (black)

Housing and cap: PP, orange

Odourless and water-based permanent ink, black, ecofriendly and easily refillable

Polyester brush nib 0.5 - 5mm