Neuland FineOne® Cover, round nib 1 mm – white


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The FineOne for white lines on dark backgrounds. Grandiose results for effective visualisations.

Finally it's here: the Neuland FineOne® with Cover Technology ink. This ink is pigmented in such a way that white colour strokes on dark backgrounds are possible.

With the Neuland FineOne® Cover, the Cover Technology ink is continuously conveyed to the nib.

Without having to be shaken or pumped. An innovation in the marker world.

The ink is water-based and odourless. Of course, you can refill your cover markers quickly and conveniently in the classic Neuland manner. With a RefillOne bottle, you can refill your Neuland FineOne® Cover up to 44 times. You can also easily replace the nib if necessary. Absolutely sustainable!

The Neuland FineOne® Cover is the perfect marker for small-format visualisations on black paper.

It also cuts a fine figure on grey and brown paper.

It can also be used on surfaces that you have previously blackened with a Neuland Outliner. You can also apply your strokes in several layers on top of each other.

If you like, you can colour your white areas afterwards with a water-based coloured Neuland marker to add further effects to your visualisation.

Technical details:

Material: PP/PE

Odourless, water-based ink, ecofriendly and easily refillable

Replaceable round nib, line width: 1 mm

Storage: store horizontally due to the white pigments