Replacement nibs for Neuland TwinOne®


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Four different types of replacement nibs for the Neuland TwinOne®, set of 10.

Neuland have followed their ecological principals with their TwinOne® and offer four different types of nibs for these multi-functional markers.

The marker is supplied new with a chisel and a brush nib. With the replacement nibs, you can equip your TwinOne with round or flat chisel nibs. The nibs allow very thin to very thick line widths. They are suitable for hand lettering, brush lettering, calligraphy, sketchnoting and drawing. This is not only clever and individual but extends the life of your marker.

Please note: The brush nib sits in a corrugated socket. Chisel, flat chisel or round nibs sit in the smooth socket (see images). Smooth sockets are also available if you need to create a TwinOne combination that does not include the brush nib.  

Technical details

Chisel nib - for exciting typefaces - line width 2–6 mm

Brush nib - soft for an artistic touch - line width 0.5-7 mm

Round nib - for an even line width of 3-4 mm

Flat chisel nib - strongly beveled for a soft stroke and varied line widths from 1 to 8 mm