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Handlettering Learning Pad to go

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Calligraphy is the same as any other art form: practice makes perfect!

In order to facilitate this practice without requiring too much preparation, Neuland has developed a "to go" handlettering learning pad with help from lettering guru, Heather Martinez.

It has the right pre-printed lines for the two common Neuland® marker types: running text with the Neuland No.One® and calligraphic accents with the Neuland No.One® Art and/or Neuland FineOne® Art with brush nib.

100 perforated sheets, spiral-bound and printed with water-marked lines for practicing your text and calligraphy writing skills!

Size: 29.7 x 21 cm (A4 landscape)

Content: 50 sheets each for Neuland No.One® markers and for Neuland No.One® Art or Neuland FineOne® Art with brush nib, plus 2 sheets each of of handlettering quotations and tips

Paper: 90 gsm woodfree offset, white

And, so that you can get started straight away, download a free guide in pdf format now at