4-2-sketch Sketchbook


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Four times thumbs up!

Graphic Gear brings you this amazing square, thread-stitched, turn-around Sketchbook with four different paper colours.

You should always carry this one with you. After all, you never know when a great idea is going to pop up. The special sketchbook with an embossed,
grey cardboard cover, thread-stitching and 96 sheets of drawing paper in four different colours is ideal for collecting ideas and drafts, visual sketchnoting or simply as a tickler.

Get awesome effects by using the Neuland No.One® Metallics.

Your lines won't show on the other side, so you can happily work on both sides of the paper!

Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm – the square shape is ideal for Instagram photos of your sketches.

Binding: Grey cardboard, 2 mm with colour register embossing on front- and backside, open thread stitching for a great flat opening.

Content: blank, 96 sheets (192 pages), 24 sheets each of beige, white, black, and grey

Paper: 130 gsm recycled paper (beige, black, grey) and 150 gsm offset natural (white)

Happy drawing!