Neuland BigOne® Art – 29+2 complete bundle


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Complete colour selection including Neuland BigOne® Art Cover and Neuland BigOne® Art Outliner

Technical details:

Neuland BigOne® Art in single colours

Housing and cap: PP/PE

Odourless and water-based ink, easily refillable and eco-friendly

Brush nib, line width: 2–15 mm (diameter 8 mm)

Technical details Cover:

Material: PP/PE

Odourless, water-based ink, eco-friendly and easily refillable

Replaceable brush nib, line width: 2-15 mm

Storage: store horizontally due to the white pigments

Technical details Outliner:

Housing and cap: PP/PE, polished, orange

Odourless and water-based permanent ink, deep black

Ink colour: 010 Outliner (black)

Brush nib, line width: 2 – 15 mm