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FatOne, 30 mm

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Empty pump-valve marker with a super-sized 30 mm writing nib.

Some creative minds need to go bigger than where conventional markers can take them, so Neuland has joined forces with MontanaCans to bring you the new “FatOne”!

It is an ideal super wide nib marker to be combined with  Neuland's premium water-based inks. The high quality refillable empty Montana Acrylic Markers are designed to allow optimum flow control with their pump-valve system which allows for accurate handling and application. The transparent marker casing also makes it easy to assess remaining ink, so you never run out. This marker was originally developed for graffiti artists who often used it for “tagging” – signing their sprayed artwork, but we think this super-sized marker is also optimal for those who create their artwork on paper.

The mechanics of the FatOne is straight-forward and it can take a full 45 ml Neuland RefillOne bottle. Simply unscrew the marker top, remove the metal ball completely (as this component is not needed when using the FatOne with Neuland ink), reinsert the valve, screw the top back on, and then just pump the ink into the nib – done! The result is an exceptionally large marker full of rich colour that will be perfect for those who need to work on a larger scale, or to fill in colour more efficiently.

Technical  details: Transparent empty marker with pump-valve system 

Capacity: 50 ml 

Line width: 30 mm