Training Course: Online Facilitation

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Your Problem

You’re experienced at facilitating groups in person, not online. You know that delivering a good online experience for your participants requires more than just streaming footage of each group member, but you’re not sure what’s required in order to enable true collaboration. 

How We Solve It

Our one-day workshop in Online Facilitation. Conducted remotely, this training program covers everything you need to know about hosting an online workshop, including how to make the most of digital collaboration software, how to maintain positive group dynamics, and how to adapt your existing activities for an online platform.

Why You Need It

Given the high number people suddenly forced to work from home, the challenges for groups to be productive, high performing, and cohesive have never been greater. Based on years of experience working visually and online, we empower facilitators with the skills of online facilitation and visual thinking, so they can help teams, boards, committees, and other groups thrive in this new world.

Who Is This Course For?

Facilitators. Educators. Leaders. Sales Professionals.

Learning Objectives

This workshop is an opportunity for participants to: 

  • learn basic sketching skills
  • use sketching to create visuals templates for use in workshops
  • apply sketching techniques in the moment when facilitating a group
  • discover how to increase engagement from online groups
  • adapt their own visual tools and activities to the online world
  • gain access to a vast array of best practice facilitation tools, icons, and layouts
  • practice visually facilitating an online session of their own, applying the skills they have learned in the process

Topics Covered

We believe in adopting a facilitative, client-driven approach to training. That is to say, we practice what we preach—our workshops are run as a model for how we believe good online facilitation should be done. 

As a result, the agenda for our workshops may change, based on:

  • the speed at which the group is able to adopt the material
  • requests from participants for a deep dive into one particular area

Online workshops from Sketch Group are very engaging and hands-on—they are not online lectures! Each topic consists of one or more activities to be completed by the participants, so will require their full attention.

We’ll discuss your specific learning objectives with you before the workshop. Topics to be covered will include a subset of the following: 

  • Welcoming online groups
  • Group check-in
  • Creating group agreements
  • The state of the facilitation industry
  • Sharing our favourite facilitation tools
  • Introduction to online collaboration tools
  • Technology requirements
  • Pre-workshop communications
  • Initial setup and preparation
  • Personal care and wellbeing
  • Setting an agenda
  • Preparing your online workspace
  • Icebreakers
  • Microskills
  • Voting and decision making
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing breakout groups
  • Ways to help remote groups feel connected
  • Managing the group’s energy levels
  • Managing technology issues
  • Adding visuals and iconography
  • Utilising visual templates
  • Gathering feedback
  • Group check-out

Who We’ve Helped

We’ve delivered presentations and workshops on the topic in six countries, for organisations like World Vision Australia, Deloitte Digital, Victorian Department of Justice & Community Safety, and others.