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RefillBox for Neuland markers

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This time ... think inside the box!

This refill station will help you organise the refilling process of your markers.

As the marker caps need to be removed during the refilling and absorption stage to let the air pass through, the RefillBox is the ideal spot to let your markers hang during this step.

Holds up to 4 No.One und 3 Neuland BigOne markers.  

It's delivered flat and assembles in seconds - but don't worry, we won't time you :)

Material: natural brown corrugated cardboard with two-colored print.  

A refill instruction for Neuland markers is included in the supply.

Size: W 19.6 x T 10.7 x H 8.4 cm / W 7.7 x D 4.2 x H 3.3 inches