RefillOne - Friends: Single Colours

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RefillOne bottle with 45 ml ink on water base.

The ingenious refill system with the refill unit in the lid makes refilling quick, easy and inexpensive.
The water-based ink is odourless and ideal for writing on paper.
The ink colour can be recognised by the number, which can be found on the marker and on the refill bottle.

This is how often you can refill your markers with one refill bottle:

  • Neuland BigOne®: up to 11 times

  • Neuland No.One®: up to 22 times

  • Neuland FineOne®: up to 45 times

Technical details: Water-based refill ink in a 45 ml plastic bottle. Refill unit in screw cap. On delivery, the ink bottle is sealed and secured with a cap.