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RefillOne (for paper markers) - with damaged packaging

Was: $24.99
Now: $17.00
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A funny thing happened on the way from the airport...

Part of recent shipment of precious Neuland goodies was trampled by a herd of wildebeest then mauled by a rabid hippopotamus and dragged through a warehouse by a feral hyena. Apparently.

We are sorry to report that several markers lost their lives in the tragedy - and the poor folk at Graphic Gear now know exactly what a naked BigOne looks like! The refill inks put up a good fight though - and somewhere between Eichenzell and Preston there is a large green (400) and orange (600) stain to commemorate the battle.

This all means that we have about 60 boxes of ink that look too ugly to sell, but contain intact bottles that are too amazing to throw out. So we are selling them cheap!

Get in quickly and grab a bargain while you can (not all colours available).

One 45ml bottle will refill:

  • No.One®: up to 22 times 
  • BigOne®: up to 11 times
  • FineOne®: up to 45 times
  • TwinOne®: up to 30 times

Choose the correct ink by checking the 3-digit colour code on the side of your marker.


  • Bottle: 45ml with measurement and injection unit
  • Water-based, non-toxic, permanent ink
  • Cardboard packaging, shabby chic

A note on BLACK: choose Outliner permanent ink (010) if your maker has an orange coloured outer shell, and Black (100) water-based ink if your marker is black all over. The inks are not compatible.