Neuland No.One® Metallic 5-set

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For a bright interplay of different colours and visualisations with potential for glamour.

Wonderfully shiny – The metallic effect is particularly striking on white or coloured paper, but especially black paper. For even more surprising effects try the metallic series in our 4-2-sketch. <br /> Meadow Set: M180 White Silver, M146 Pink, M145 Purple, M105 Blue and M136 Green <br/>Glamour Set: M110 Anthracite, M196 Copper, M195 Gold, M192 Red-Gold, M125 Red <br /> Technical details:

Material: PP/PE

Ordorless and water-based ink

Refillable, replaceable nibs, line widths: 2-6 mm

Storage: Due to silver pigments store lying down