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FineOne® Metallic, round nib 1 mm – single colours

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Now it’s getting glamorous.

The new FineOne Metallic is an expert tool for drawings and sketchnotes: The sustainable marker in different metallic colours for a wide range of creative visualisations on small formats. Neuland FineOne® Metallic markers are a real highlight. Especially on black paper where the metallic effect comes into its own. They are opaque and provide great effects when combined with different colours. The markers of the Neuland FineOne® Metallic series are water-soluble and odourless.

Tip for black paper: Outliner covers Metallic, Metallic covers Outliner.

Technical details:

Material: PP/PE

Ordorless and water-based ink, easy and ecofriendly, refillable, replaceable nibs

Round nib, line width: 1 mm

Storage: Due to silver pigments store lying down