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Novario® Markerbox S

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Convenient Novario® box to store and transport up to 30 Neuland FineOne® markers"

This convenient marker box was specially designed for the Neuland's NEW FineOne® series. The inserted cardboard tubes allow you to store 30 FineOnes in a safe and stable way. At the same time, you can easily access your markers and the Novario® box is perfect to fit in the ModStation and all Neuland workshop cases and bags (available by special order).

Thanks to the grip on the side, this marker box can be picked up with just one finger.

The Novario® Markerbox S cuts a fine figure on your desk, too!

(Sold without markers)

Technical details:

Material: black cardboard, with brown cardboard tubes inside, grip made of leather on the side

Dimensions: W 10.4 x H 10 cm x D 8.8 cm