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The Idea Shapers - Book Bundle

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The power of putting your thinking in your own hands

Long to feel less overwhelmed? Wish for clarity in your decision making? Looking for lucidity in your thinking? Seeking confidence in your communication?

The simple solution is at your fingertips. Paper and pen.

In this guide, Brandy Agerbeck reveals drawing as your best thinking tool, making visual thinking attainable and enjoyable through a set of twenty-four Idea Shapers. Each concept combines fine art and facilitation to turn abstract ideas into concrete drawing that help you do great things.

AND right now is the perfect time to hone your skills with this book bundle, which includes 2 FineOne® fineliner 0.8mm markers and 3 FineOne® Art markers (pre-Spring 2020 stock) in randomly selected colours. 

Pop on your favourite podcast and get sketching!

  • Paperback: 436 pages
  • 5 FineOne® markers