Novario® ShoulderBag, Pin-It

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The perfect trendy Novario® bag with Neuland Pin-It Cards!

A stylish messenger bag complete with a wide variety of workshop materials.

The trendy and practical messenger style ShoulderBag allows for easy transportation of all your essential workshop materials. Made with a durable anthracite grey wool fabric this soft bag comes complete with Novario® boxes filled with a variety of materials and Pin-it Cards. A handy large pocket at the front is the perfect space to carry an iPad, book, or a bikablo® 2.0.

Neuland have made some key modifications to offer you the best version of their popular Novario® ShoulderBag. The new features include a magnetic fastener instead of a “loud” Velcro fastener, and a wide integrated back strap to comfortably slide it over the telescopic handle of a trolley, for greater flexibility. Discover for yourself why the ShoulderBag is a bestseller!

Technical details:

  • Material: grey PU-coating nylon, 2 mm anthracite wool felt
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Dimensions: W 32 x D 16 x H 26 cm


  • NoOne-Box (2)
  • CardBox
  • AccessoryBox (2)
  • Pin-It Cards, rectangular, assorted (250)
  • Pin-It Cards, oval, assorted (250)
  • Neuland BigOne®, black
  • Neuland BigOne®, assorted (3)
  • Neuland NoOne®, black (10)
  • Neuland NoOne®, assorted (10)
  • Marking Dots, Ø 20 mm (1,000)
  • Marking Dots VISUAL, Ø 39 mm (480)
  • Glue sticks, 40 g (3)
  • Pinboard Pins, Ø 6 mm (300)
  • PinCushion - Clip
  • Cutter incl. 2 spare blades
  • Tissues
  • SpeechBubble IDTag